The Quantum Capacitor is the world’s first electromagnetic capacitor and contains over 3,500 square feet of electrode surface area within the space of a single AA battery. 

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As  2017 we are finalizing the development and testing of what is seen to be the worlds first Electromagnetic Capacitor.  It was conceived in 2011 along side the development of the Flux Capacitor Solar Cell Module and thereafter placed in the U.S. Patent Office.  Before, there only existed the electrostatic capacitor (Electrolytic Capacitor) and the electrochemical capacitor (Super or Ultra Capacitor).  Electrostatic capacitors can hold a high voltage (.0001 to 1000’s of volts) but they have very low electron storage capacity.  Electrochemical capacitors are somewhat of a mix of a battery and an electrostatic capacitor and have low voltages (max 3 volts) but has a higher electron storage capacity (up to 100 times that of an electrostatic capacitor).  The lithium ion battery which powers your cell phone has low voltages (max 3.7 volts), but higher electron storage capacities than any of these capacitors. (A AA battery has more electron storage capacity than a super capacitor the size of a 12 oz soda can).  When electrons move they create electricity which is called current and this movement is caused by electrons under pressure which is voltage.  The performance difference between a capacitor and a battery is that a capacitor can dump all of its electrons at once which produces a high electrical current for a short period of time and still stay relatively cool to the touch whereas a battery produces low current over a long period of time.  Also a battery heats up if too much current flows (hence, exploding phones).  The Electromagnetic Capacitor merges all of the benefits of traditional capacitors and batteries into one, high voltage, high current and high electron storage capacity device within the size a AA battery.  It can be scaled up and down to match the needed application.  The benefits of this technology will not only enhance current technologies in developed nations but will be an enabler of developing nations also.    

On November 4, 2016 all the nations of earth became bound by the global warming treaty.  The goal?  To prevent a runaway increase in global heating so as to stave off man-made influencing of natural disasters which can not only affect the weather but also coastal city water levels, food production, the seasons and animal behavior.  The Coalesce Point Trust along with Fluxcell, Inc. and Quantum Capacitor, Corp.  have developed the missing link to the electron storage (battery) problem.  This is in addition to our development of the unique Fluxcell solar energy module.  These solutions are game changing and ground breaking.  Electron storage has been called the holy grail of energy by industry because it will allow the storage of both grid power and intermittent renewable energy power such as solar energy and will lead to the proliferation of electric vehicles and grid independent homes.  You can find more information on the Global Warming Treaty by searching the web.

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